Instalar Bacula no CentOS 6

Installing Bacula 5.2.6 with webmin on Centos 6.2
If you are looking for a free open source network backup solution, Bacula is your answer.
It’s a network Client/Server based backup program that has many benefits.
To list a few:
Cross- platform (I installed clients on different OS’s, Centos, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista, Solaris)
Totally free (It’s main advantage over Amanda is that all the clients are for free and so is the GUI)
Relatively easy to install and manage.
In addition to many backup features such as: Schedules, Data & Communication encryption, Data compression, many backup levels, open files backup…
Detailed info can be found on the Project’s official website:

Installation on Centos 6.2:
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